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Salmon contains many essential fatty acids known as Omega-3, including DHA and IPA that assist brain and skin development as well as reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure. Oceania Seafoods is the largest wholesaler of Salmon in Australia. We only use premium quality.

Most of the Kingfish available locally is farmed at Port Lincoln in South Australia, in a disease free environment where oxygen levels, water flow, temperature, stock densities are closely monitored to ensure minimum stress growth. Wild Kingfish is available from spring, with key differences being less fat content, darker, redder flesh, and with its own great taste and texture.

Orange Roughy (Sea Perch) is a deep water species caught at depths of 750 to 1400 metres in the cold sub-Antarctic waters. Orange Roughy is mostly used for cooking purposes, as freshness can be a problem generally. However Oceania Seafoods specialises in not only supplying the freshest fish for cooking but a Sashimi grade for Sushi.

As you can see, the King Dory's body is flat and disc-shaped. The fish have a large elastic mouth which sticks out in order to feed. King Dory has a rich, luxurious, beautiful taste. It’s also quite versatile in that it can be used for Sashimi, Sushi, grilled, stewed etc. However due to its unique body shape, it may be harder to fillet and prepare for Sashimi more than conventionally shaped fish.

One of Australia’s most renowned fish species; the King George Whiting. Highly popular with up market restaurants of all cuisines from Fish and Chips shop to Japanese restaurant with its light, elegant flavor, beautiful and thick flesh.

The white flesh of the Barramundi is quite tasty and therefore it is often cooked with salt and pepper only. The meat is quite thick and noticeably juicy (Juices may run out of the flesh when chewing). Immensely popular with Chinese, Thai and French restaurants in Australia who serve the fish largely in pan fry, steam or deep fry formats.

Not to be confused with Calamari, Squid and Cuttlefish is also caught in Australian waters. Squid, also called Gould’s Squid or Arrow Squid is a generally smaller squid with a significantly different body structure. The meat of the Squid, whilst thick, is not as tender as Calamari, and the taste suffers noticeably in comparison.

Australian Crayfish, also known as Southern Rock Lobster, look different from Lobsters from other parts of the world in that they don’t carry large claws.
It has been essential to functions, celebrations and important traditional events such as New Year's in Japan and Christmas in Australia.

Known as Magochi in Japan, Rock Flathead, with its crisp elegant taste, is perfect for sashimi. It is also considered to be a high grade cooking fish. When raw, the flesh tends to be a lot firmer compared to other sashimi fish, so it’s usually served sliced quite thinly.

Mackerel has a high nutritional. This fish can be used in wide variety of ways; to Cook, Shimesaba (Marinated by vinegar), Sushi, Grilled, Stewed with Miso or Deep fried.

A most famous fish, the Snapper. Prized in Japan for its beauty of appearance and flesh, Snapper is also important for celebrations, being considered a token of good fortune. Snapper comes in sizes varying from 500 grams to 10 kilograms. For Sushi the 1-2kg size are ideal as bigger Snapper tends to be too dry with inferior texture and taste.

Tuna, widely considered the “King of fish”, perhaps requires no introduction. Available in most seas throughout the world and absolutely essential to sushi. Sizes tend to range between 30kg to 100 kg plus. Offering a very clean, mild taste, it is also extremely versatile, being used in anything from Sashimi to steaks. Tuna prices vary depending on quality and cut.

Sea Urchin roe, or “Uni” in Japanese, is widely considered to be in the top class of seafood. It is worth noting that dependant on freshness, area and species, the quality difference can be significant. In Australia the best season for Sea Urchin roe is from spring into summer, although quality tends to peak around early summer. Tasmanian produce is widely considered the best.

An extremely versatile fish, in Japan they say it can be eaten for three days. This is because it can first be used for Sashimi, then, before or after it loses its freshness, it can be stewed or fried or made into steak or cooked in many other permutations. The point is that whilst this may be true for other fish, Swordfish is nice in all its forms.



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