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Our background as a high-grade sashimi fish specialist gives us an edge over any competition. The experience and knowledge in the selection, handling, and processing of the highest quality product, day after day, for over more than 30 years, combined with economies of scale and scope, sourcing product worldwide results in a competitively priced, consistently high level of quality and service.

From very humble beginnings as a small retail shop in South Yarra, Oceania Seafoods has grown over the past 30 years.

Our core business philosophy is to dedicate our lives to serving the customer by providing an unparalleled level of quality product and service.

To effectively do so, we have developed an integrated value chain, which aims to maximize value at every level and with every element.

We maintain very high standards of food safety through our HACCP quality assurance program, this comprehensive system ensures that every point at which the product may be adversely affected is prevented, monitored and recorded, then verified by an auditing body.

One-Click Premium Seafood Online Grocery with Fast Delivery

We are offering our One-Click Premium Seafood Online Grocery deliver direct to the public. You can browse our huge premium quality seafood selection 24/7 without leaving the comfort of your sofa, and have your seafood selection delivered directly to your door the next scheduled day with just One Click.